How The Grow / Source / Eat Fruit + Veggie

Subscription Has Grown Since March

Nichole Foster – Program Coordinator Melbourne Food Hub launched Grow / Source / Eat: Fruit & Veggie Parcel in early March with 9 subscribers. Five weeks later we have grown to feed 80+ subscribers weekly, distributing on average over 450 kilos of locally grown produce to households around Melbourne. We’ve put over $10,000 back into the hands of our producers to help them grow the good food we love. The importance of fresh produce is more evident than ever and we are proud to provide Melbournians with a locally sourced option for sustainably grown produce.     Our program aims to challenge Australia’s conventional food system by creating access to seasonal, locally grown produce while paying farmers a fair price. By supporting small scale farmers who adhere to sustainable, biodynamic agricultural methods we are creating an environmental and economic shift in food systems.   Farmers who follow regenerative agricultural techniques are not only caring for their soils fertility, but also creating a more holistic food and farming system. A localized food system is one that creates a connection between farmers, their produce and the individuals who consume it. That’s why we only source from small scale farmers in and around Victoria such as Thriving Foods Farm, Remi’s Patch, Kingfisher Citrus, Dalhousie Farm and Benny’s Berries.       By eating locally we are cutting down on food miles and choosing to eat what’s in season, versus purchasing produce that’s been shipped in from different climates. One essential benefit to eating seasonally is the high nutrient density of produce that’s allowed to ripen on its parent plant. Once you realize that grocery stores are stocking their shelves with nutrient deficient produce that’s shipped in from distant farms, having been sprayed with chemicals and insecticides’ to keep their freshness, you may reconsider your purchases.       MFH works to educate individuals on the importance of supporting local farmers and food systems while inspiring customers to eat seasonally. By participating in Grow / Source / Eat: Fruit & Veggie Parcel Subscription, individuals are choosing less plastic, reduced food miles and tastier produce over their grocery store counterparts.    Want to help us build a local food system? Find out more here.