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Fruit & Veggie Parcel


Weekly fruit & veggie parcel available for pick-up at collection points around Melbourne or home delivered with Icecream Social.


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Supplying fresh veggies, supporting local farmers.


MFH’s Grow / Source / Eat program makes it easy to access fresh, locally sourced and sustainably grown produce while providing farmers with a living wage. Our parcels minimise waste by providing the produce without the plastic.

Produced is sourced from hyper local VIC farms including Remi’s Patch, Sugarloaf ProduceDalhousie Farm, Kingfisher Citrus and Melbourne Food Hub’s farm in Alphington.

Local, seasonable, sustainable

Fruit & veggie parcels are crafted weekly which means contents change each week based on what is in seasonOur farmers grow their produce without sprays or chemicals and stick to sustainable farming techniques. Boxes range in size to accommodate individuals, couples and families.

We are keeping food miles down by choosing not to ship produce in from long distances, which means we won’t include kale if it isn’t in season. By taking part in this program you are choosing fresh, local produce and supporting farmers who care about the health and quality of the land they’re producing on.

At the Melbourne Food Hub, we believe everybody should have access to good, local, sustainable and fresh produce, no matter what their circumstances. The more change-makers we have in our food system, the better it will be. If you have a concession card and would like a 20% discount on your subscription, please contact to arrange. 

MFH works with organisations to coordinate collection points so boxes are conveniently dropped off where you live or work every Thursday afternoon.

Collection Points:

  • Melbourne Food Hub, 2 Wingrove Street, Alphington on Thursdays from 4:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Icecream Social, Thornbury, 907 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071 on Thursdays from 2pm – 9pm
  • Moon Rabbit Cafe, Preston, 218 High St, Preston VIC 3072 in Thursdays from 3pm – 7.30pm

Home Delivery:

  • Icecream Social will deliver to Alphington, Fairfield, Thornbury, Northcote, Preston, Coburg, Brunswick, Carlton, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, and Collingwood on Thursday afternoons. Their shop is open for veggie parcel orders Friday through Sunday, and 24/7 for all the other goodies (seriously delicious folks).

Institutional Collection Points (staff only):

  • Melbourne Polytechnic: Fairfield
  • Melbourne Polytechnic: Preston 

Interested in being a collection point? Get in touch!

Q & A

Can I choose what’s in the box?

No, and here’s why: we support our farmers directly, which means we buy what they grow. This also means we support eating seasonally. If you have dietary restrictions, of course we will work with you to adapt the box to your lifestyle, but we encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone and into the veggie zone, it tastes great!

What do you mean zero waste?

Zero waste means we aren’t packaging out produce unless we have to. Our zucchinis and tomatoes are loose in the boxes so we encourage customers to bring their own bags. Items like eggs and loose leaf greens will have compostable packaging but we’d love for customers to use their own bags and boxes so we can reuse ours.

At collection points, we use brown paper bags. They’re recyclable and compostable but we’d prefer to reuse them! BYOB (bring your own bag) and transfer the produce, fold the bag up and let us refill it next week. 

Collection points:

We work with large and small organizations as collection points so that staff members have access to fresh, sustainably grown produce. Parcels are dropped off to collection points, located within each organisation, and items are collected by customers the same day. 


All parcels are packed, delivered and picked up on Thursdays. Each parcel is labeled with the customers name, the customers collect their items via their own bags and folds the brown paper bag up. The following week, brown paper bags are collected and new, full parcels are dropped off.

I want a discounted box!

Amazing, let’s talk. At each collection point we need someone who looks after the brown paper bags once all produce has been collected. This involves being the last person to collect your produce during pick up times, folding up all of the bags and putting them in their designated area, safe until the next week when we pick them back up to be refilled. If you’re interested in a discounted bag in exchange for assisting with our collections, let us know! 

We don't home deliver BUT...

We have amazing friends who work with us to get good food to your door!

You can order your Grow / Source / Eat parcel along with incredible handmade treats from Icecream Social from Friday throughSunday every week, for a Thursday afternoon home delivery. Head to the store here.

What if I can't pick up my produce?

If you let us know a week in advance, we can hold your order without charging you for the week specified. If you let us know a day in advance we can donate your produce to a hunger relief organization or you can have someone else pick it up for you, however you will still be charged for that weeks produce.

What happens if I forget to collect my produce?

Life is busy! If you forget to pick up your produce once, we will attempt to coordinate a way for you to collect your produce. If nothing works out, produce will be redistributed or donated. If collection is missed twice in one month, we’ll take you off of our collection list.