We’re metro Melbourne’s first distributed food hub

We create spaces for you to engage with your food. We provide ways to grow, make, eat and source food that’s fresh, local, and fair. Together, we build communities that see value in every part of the food system.

We help Victoria’s farmers and makers reach eaters in a way that’s easy, accessible and, most importantly, fair. We do work that helps them focus on growing and producing, which is what they do best.

We call ourselves a “distributed” food hub. Our work isn’t confined to one physical place. By building close connections with like-minded people all around town, we improve the resilience of our whole food system—its producers, makers, distributors, eaters, and everyone in between.

We want to be the first of many. Alongside our partner organisations, we model innovative practices that demonstrate a localised, circular economy in the heart of Melbourne.

Local food matters

Localising our food system is good for our health and for the environment. It supports a thriving, flourishing community. We support and incubate local food enterprises and social businesses to encourage the co-creation of local food systems.

Our Work is Made Possible By: