Situated on our Urban Farm, the ClimateSmart Food Classroom is a visual and hands on learning experience. 

It is designed to educate the community on climate appropriate food growing techniques including: regenerative growing and soil health, water harvesting and conservation methods, heat and drought tolerant crops and indigenous plantings.



Soil Science and Composting Research

In 2019, Dr. Samantha Grover of RMIT’s Soil-Atmosphere-Anthroposphere Lab and her students undertook soil testing and developed key resources to be utilised by the ClimateSmart Food Classroom in its sustainable food systems education. Much of this fantastic, student-developed work is available in the above resources section. We thank Dr. Grover and the students for making their extensive and impressive work a shared resource.

In 2020, composting research will commence on our Urban Farm, testing the most effective home-composting methods in an urban Australian context. More details to come soon.  

Landscaping Project

Also in 2019, Melbourne Polytechnic landscape students assisted in the build of our Urban Farm  – trialling new methods for urban food production, including market-garden style wicking beds, the first of their kind. The work of the students has allowed the ClimateSmart Food Classroom to develop its suite of urban agriucuture demonstration models, for which we are extremely grateful.



The ClimateSmart Food Classroom was made possible through a customer grant with Bank Australia in 2019.