Welcome to the Melbourne Food Hub

We are building a place where the community can meet, learn, grow,

make, eat and source fresh local produce. 

Grow / Source / Eat Fruit and Veggie Parcels

Our weekly veggie boxes are full of fresh produce, sourced from our

very own Urban Farm and sustainable, small-scale, local growers.

Alphington Farmers Market Still Operating

Farmers markets classified as ‘essential’ service by Victorian Premier – support your local farmers throughout COVID-19.

COVID-19 Food Justice Drive

It’s time for food justice – help us grow food for our community and find out what you can do to support others and yourself during this trying time. Find out more here. 

Our Mission

Melbourne Food Hub’s mission is to create a replicable model of a self-sustaining Food Hub. Our role is to create a place where the community can meet to engage with food through learning, growing, making, eating and sourcing fresh local produce.  As well as a place to support, incubate, and house local food enterprises and social businesses to encourage the co-creation of local food systems.

Currently, this is realised through the weekly Sunday Alphington Farmers Market, and the beginnings of our urban agriculture farm.  Soon to come are a community commercial kitchen and plans to re-imagine the distribution of food to our institutions.

We are a joint venture project between Sustain: The Australian Food Network and Melbourne Farmers Market. Our major funder is the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Weekly Farmers Market

One of Melbourne Farmers Markets’ 7 farmers markets can be found at this site every Sunday from 9am-1pm. 

Urban Agriculture Farm

The role of urban agriculture on our site is to reconnect city folk with how and where their food is grown.

Community Kitchen

Destined to be a multi-use space for the community as well as for small food business boost incubation programs.

Food Distribution Business 

The Food Distribution Business connects buyers and institutions to fresh, seasonal and local produce.



We have a number of different composting methods in place around the site. Reground also have a composting and education hub. 

Food Business Boost Program


Our Food Business Boost Program supports women, mainly migrants, women over 50 and single mothers, to start and grow their own local food business.

The Food Businesses celebrate cultural diversity with products ranging from miso to cupcakes, to Mexican salsas.

Women are mentored and coached through a dedicated and fully subsidised program.

We are a growing hub of new food businesses

Our collective impact approach means we work with an ever growing number of like minded and aligned food business organisations to realise our common goal of a local and fair food system. We are modelling innovative practices that support a circular economy.

Why Localise our Food System

The combined efforts of the organisations on site means we are demonstrating a localised closed loop system in the heart of Melbourne. Localising our food system is good for our health, the environment and supports a thriving, flourishing community. 

Weekly Market Visitors

Species planted

Food Business Boost Participants

Food Parcel Subscribers

Different composting systems on site

"Food Hubs make it easier to buy and sell local food"


– Foodprint Melbourne, University of Melbourne

Special Events

We run workshops and special events, stay tuned for upcoming dates. Some of our past workshops have included:

31 Mar 2019

Wicking Bed Workshop

Facilitated with Very Edible Gardens, we run hands-on wicking bed workshops where participants learn how to build and maintain these water efficient gardening solutions 

24 Mar 2019

Passata Making Workshop

A hands-on workshop where participants learnt to make passata and took home their own bottles to enjoy for the months ahead. 

Latest from the Blog

Regular updates on the all the happenings at the Melbourne Food Hub.

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Farmer Profile: Annemaree Docking of Dalhousie Farm

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