We are creating a place where the community can meet to engage with food through learning, growing, making, eating and sourcing fresh local produce.  As well as a place to support and incubate local food enterprises and social businesses to encourage the co-creation of local food systems.

A Centre for Sustainable Food Systems Education

Our corporate volunteering program provides the opportunity to join our community and become gardeners, chefs and composters for a day. Although each session is custom-designed to suit your company needs, they all have one thing in common:

A hands on, meaningful contribution to bringing connection back to our food and land. 

Each group will rotate through a series of mini-workshops facilitated by our onsite partners – practically showing how we can all play our part in creating sustainable change.


Your participation will go

towards creating a transformative

circular food systems model,

replicable across Australia.


No organisation can ignore sustainability if it wishes to thrive

in the rapidly changing economy and society of 2020 and beyond.

Help us build a food system that benefits everybody.


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