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How a business course helped take an East African chilli sauce to market

Two East African-Australian cooks have just begun selling a traditional chilli sauce, thanks to a local business-coaching initiative.

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Is Basbaas the best chilli sauce in the world?

The world is slowly waking up to the intriguing flavours of traditional Somali cuisine. Basbaas (it sounds a bit like ‘buzz-buzz’) combines ingredients such as dried chilli, capsicum, tamarind, dates, coriander and lemon pepper.

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Creating Alternative Food Systems With Melbourne Food Hub

Little did we know door-to-door delivery services were about to become a LOT more popular in 2020. But it’s a model Melbourne Food Hub have been trialing for a while. The urban farm based in Alphington launched in 2018, with the mission of creating a hyperlocal alternative food system to supermarkets, one which supports the community, environment and farmers….

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Urban farm finds a place to flourish

Melbourne Polytechnic students are helping foster sustainable food systems by supporting the Melbourne Food Hub, as a practical way to learn about plants and different farming options and support the community during a critical time.

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