It’s winter in Melbourne and like it or not, we’re all trapped inside again. While we’ve seen and sometimes felt the burden this brings, it also gives us the opportunity to slow down a little, spend time with our family or housemates (if we haven’t lost our minds yet) or cook up a big meal using every last bit of the produce we’re buying.  This recipe was passed down by my friend Lucas who is a wonderful home chef from Spain. We enjoyed a big dinner of ceviche tuna, sautéed asian greens and savoury radishes (pre-lockdown). This thinly sliced, sesame and soy radish salad is the perfect addition to a dish (tacos anyone?!) or to enjoy as a snack. The radish top soup gives you a chance to enjoy the entire radish, not just the root! It’s use of potatoes and brown onion paired with a creamy topping like mascarpone will leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next bunch of radishes. Which is perfect because these delicious, spicy root veggies aren’t going away anytime soon.   
Lou’s Radish Top Soup
– One brown onion
– Radish leaves
– Two cloves of garlic 
– Two middle size potatoes
– Spoon of butter 
– Olive oil 
– Sour cream or mascarpone or creme fraiche
– Salt and pepper 
 Extra options
– Chicken stock 
– Tablespoon Dijon mustard – Caraway seeds or fennel seeds
1. Cut the onion and the garlic. Fry them in a pot with the butter and olive oil. Slow cook the onion with the lid on, stirring occasionally to avoid burning the onion. 2. Add the radish leaves and stir them until they are cooked.
3. Peel and cut the potatoes. Put them in the pot and add a little bit of water or stock to fill half way up the ingredients but not enough to completely cover the potatoes. Add a pinch salt, pepper and the caraway seeds.
4. Once the potatoes are cooked, blend it all, add some cream. Blend again. Taste to check if more salt or pepper needs to be added.
5. Serve in a bowl and decorate the top with some greens like parsley or chives. You can also put some feta cheese or croutons.
Kylie Kwong x Lou: Radish salad
– One bunch of radishes – One tablespoon of salt – One table spoon of sugar – Dash soy sauce – Teaspoon sesame seeds – Dash sesame oil 
1. Slice all the radishes very thinly. Be patient, it’s a tedious job. 2. Put all the sliced radish in a bowl with water, salt and sugar. 3. Soak them for 30 min approx. 4. Take them out of the water and squeeze them. 5. Dress them with some soy sauce, sesame seeds and oil and some chives, Enjoy!  Loved the recipe and wanting to share your results? Post a pic and tag us on instagram @melb_food_hub or share it to our Grow / Source / Eat Facebook page!