Since COVID-19 hit Australia, we have been working closely with a number of dedicated and compassionate businesses and organisations at the Melbourne Food Hub and beyond to ensure that our collective skills and resources can be put to use to help those most vulnerable in our community.

As discussed in earlier blogs by Sustain’s Nick Rose and Georgia Karavis, the COVID-19 crisis has, and will continue to have vast impacts on our food system, and we believe that the best way to ensure people have access to fresh, healthy food is to grow it locally, and work with communities to ensure it gets where it needs to go.

Our Food Justice Drive intends to grow, source and make available as much local produce as we can –  highlighting the capacity of urban agriculture to address food insecurity, safely bringing people together to learn food production skills and contribute to their neighbours health and wellbeing, and of course support other local agencies already providing dignifying food relief.

We couldn’t do any of this work without the support of our incredible partners – Inner North Community Foundation generously provided some initial funding to purchase 3 Biofilta Foodcubes, filled with soil donated by the Victorian food social enterprise collective, Moving Feast as well as seeds donated by Farmwall. Sustain has been able to contribute 3 Foodcubes, with a fourth made possible by Cultivating Community renewing their membership. Check out our food justice journey below.

We know we can build stronger food systems when we work together – and no matter who you are, you can help keep people well fed by:

Becoming a member – every medium and large organisation (or 6 individuals) who join by June 1st will contribute 1 Foodcube, capable of growing 25kg of fresh, local food each year.

Donating – every dollar makes a difference, no matter what your capacity.

Buying a Grow / Source / Eat produce parcel – you can order one of these for a neighbour every week!

Your support means the world to us and the people we serve. Help today.


Our Food Justice Journey (so far!)