Here you can read about all things happening on-site at the Melbourne Food Hub, plus some great urban farming resources and recipes. 

Urban Farm Update

A huge thanks and good luck is due to our Urban Agriculture Facilitator Audrey, who has recently finished up with the Sustain team. Audrey's incredible work has turned the Urban Farm from a disused ex-landfill site into a thriving food production hub, demonstrating...

Launching Weekly Veggie Boxes

It's quite remarkable when you stop and think about how our produce down here has arrived at the point of harvest on our plot here in Alphington. Many hands and hearts have helped along the journey. From Very Edible Gardens teaching us and eager participants back in...

Our Abundant Winter Farm

The urban farm at Melbourne Food Hub is growing each day now, with a team of dedicated volunteers helping to transform an old tip site into a thriving, productive community farm. We've recently finished building 12 large wicking beds with the help of Reservoir High...

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