Weekly Urban Mushroom Subscription

$12.50 every Monday

First payment: April 3, 2023



Awesome hyper local mushrooms EVERY WEEK!!

Sporadical City Mushrooms kicked off in a carport in Carlton. Now a part of the Mushroom Co-Farm in Alphington they continue to grow delicious seasonal oyster mushrooms chemical free on agricultural waste using recycled buckets instead of plastic bags. Enjoyed unbelievably fresh at Melbourne’s best restaurants and local households, these scrumptious beauties are full of truly amazing goodness.

      The Mushroomery is a little urban mushroom farm located in the inner Melbourne city suburb of Alphington. The Mushroomery aims to localise the community food system and spread more understanding within the urban bubble on where food comes from and how it is grown. The Mushroomery hopes to bring more unique varieties of mushrooms to the local community and restaurants.