Fortnightly Urban Mushroom Subscription 250g

$12.50 every 2 weeks

Want to know what the future of farming looks like? Well this is it. These incredible specialty mushrooms are grown in Alphington, in shipping containers by two women business owners collaborating to bring highly nutritious (and delicious) produce to their communities (see more below). Your fortnightly 250g subscription of seasonal, urban mushrooms enables this dynamic duo to grow their business (and mushies!) with certainty while adding more great, local food to your diet.

A Mushroom Co-Farm in Alphington: Goodbye farming corporations, hello collaborative farming!

Sporadical City Mushrooms (Julia) and The Mushroomery (Buttons) are a couple of small scale mushroom farmers building their independent businesses but working side by side, and sometimes together, to grow delicious food, care for the planet and build community. We do this by sharing space and resources, as well as values and ideas and sometimes lunch and a laugh at our Mushroom Co-Farm in Alphington, Melbourne.

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How it works: 

Sign up for a subscription and we’ll allocate you a fortnightly collection for your mushies, to go alongside your fruit and veggie subscription. Sign up by Sunday and we’ll be in touch on Monday to confirm your first collection date.

Find out all the details about our store and collection here

 If you want to add more mushies to your order or register for the next release of mushies if we’ve sold out let us know.

Storage requirements

Our oyster mushrooms are best stored in a Tupperware container with the lid ajar for air flow. Alternatively they can be placed on a plate with a damp tea towel on top. Please keep inside the fridge. They should last for 5 days or even more if stored well. They may start to develop a white furry growth – this is nothing to worry about and is in fact the mycelium growing. Please do not eat them if they are soft and mushy, begin to smell or start to go mouldy. Oyster mushrooms should be cooked before eating. Frying them up and whacking them on toast is our all time favourite way to eat them. We are sure that you will have no problems storing these tasty morsels.

About the farmers:

Sporadical City Mushrooms kicked off in a carport at our little home in Carlton where I live with my two kids. Now a part of the Mushroom Co-Farm in Alphington we continue to grow delicious seasonal oyster mushrooms chemical free on agricultural waste using recycled buckets instead of plastic bags. Enjoyed unbelievably fresh at Melbourne’s best restaurants and local households, these scrumptious beauties are full of truly amazing goodness.






The Mushroomery is a little urban mushroom farm located in the inner Melbourne city suburb of Alphington. The Mushroomery aims to localise the community food system and spread more understanding within the urban bubble on where food comes from and how it is grown. The Mushroomery hopes to bring more unique varieties of mushrooms to the local community and restaurants.


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