Fortnightly Fruit and Veggie Box subscription

From: $37.00 every 2 weeks

Our fruit and veggie parcels ensure that your produce spend is going exactly where it should: To small-scale, local farmers regenerating the land while producing delicious, nutritious food. We make sure you’ll receive a mix of incredible, seasonal produce to keep your dining table vibrant.

Do you want to support local farmers but can’t commit to a weekly parcel? No dramas–our fortnightly packs were made just for you.

Our parcels come in three sizes: small, large, and jumbo.

Pick them up from our designated collect points or sign up for home delivery–which is free from now until the end of August, 2021! Check the details below to see if your suburb is within our delivery zone.

Order by Sunday evening to receive your goodies the following week.



We are building a community of people who want to make local food the norm and see their neighbourhoods thrive with tasty and nutritious food, urban farms, healthy bodies, and opportunities for young people.

Our parcel sizes are:

  • Small
  • Large: Good for 2 people weekly.
  • Jumbo: Contains larger quantities of staple items such as potatoes, carrots, greens etc.d Good for 4 to 5 people weekly.

Through our produce offerings, we stick to our guns on these 5 principles:

  • Local
  • Sustainable
  • Fair
  • Fresh
  • Delicious

Additional information


Small, Large, Jumbo


No addons, Mushrooms + $12.50, Eggs + $10.00, Mushrooms & Eggs + $22.50, Milk + $6.50, Milk & Eggs + $16.50, Milk & Mushroom + $19, Milk & Eggs & Mushrooms $29