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Simply put, the way we make food happen from farm to waste is a disaster.

There’s only 60 years of soil suitable for food production left in the world, the average age of a farmer in Australia is 56, obesity and other dietary related ill-health is on the rise at the same time as one in 5 Australians experience food insecurity – of which children represent 22%.

Local food can help address many of these issues by joining people together – making better use of our environment by transforming cities into food production centres and teaching young people to grow their own, bringing fresh produce into neighbourhoods instead of fast food chains, and connecting surplus food and resources to those who need help.


Through our food boxes we are building a community of people who want to make local food the norm and see their neighbourhoods thrive with urban farms, healthy bodies, opportunities for young people and importantly, tasty and nutritious food! We do this by sticking to our guns on our 5 principles:


We only source food grown or manufactured in Victoria. The closer we can get it to the city, the better (that’s why we pick produce from our very own urban farm every week). This helps reduce food miles and create a resilient network of food producers where we live and play.


When it comes to farmers, this means we source from people regenerating their land – managing problems like pests with biology, not endless chemicals. With makers, this means working with people who hate food waste as much as we do, carefully choose their packaging to reduce impact and use Victorian ingredients where they can. What’s more, we only use recyclable or compostable materials in our parcels and any leftover produce is donated to our food relief partners.


Our producers are price-makers, not takers. A huge part of making sure we are well fed into our future is rewarding our farmers well for feeding us now! While that means that our prices can sometimes be a little more than the supermarket, what you pay captures all of the costs of producing food. To make sure everybody has the access to good, local food, we offer discounts for people with a concession card or volunteering opportunities (with fruit and veggies to say thanks!) for those who’d prefer give their time.


Because our food comes from near-by, and we deliver mid-week when farmers have more time to harvest their crops, our produce is fresher than your grandma’s laundry. Seriously, the fruit and veggies we source will keep for longer – reducing food waste – as well holding nutrient value.


What’s the point of doing all of this if the food doesn’t taste good?

Well, if you’ve ever plucked a cherry tomato straight off the vine and popped it in your mouth, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Sure, sometimes our produce will have lumps and bumps, but instead of measuring the size of carrots for quality, we eat them. As for the makers, we looked in our pantries for those special items that we can’t wait to open and relish eating – that’s what you’ll find in the store.


We distribute our amazing local produce to collection points and homes around metro Melbourne on Thursdays and Fridays.

Our orders for the next week close on Sunday evenings. If you want to update your order, please make sure you do this by Sunday – otherwise the producers will be busy picking or bottling food without a home to go to!

All of our food boxes are charged early Monday mornings for the week ahead and single products are charged when you purchase them. You’ll receive a receipt straight into your inbox once you’ve made a purchase.

 Check out our Instagram @melb_food_hub.


We only source from small-scale, sustainable Victorian producers – that’s our forever commitment to you.

We want to make sure we’re capturing the positive economic, environmental and social impacts of the food supply chain within the local community.

Check out the rockstars who produce our food below.


The Mushroomery x Sporadical City Mushrooms Co-Farm

Remi’s Patch

Sugarloaf Produce

Dalhousie Farm

Kingfisher Citrus

Thriving Foods Farm 

Cafresco Organics

Days Walk Farm 

Trentham Potato Co

Bennys Berrys

Langdale Orchards

Parwan Valley Mushrooms (through Baw Baw Food Hub)

Wombat Forest Organics (through Baw Baw Food Hub)

Sherwood Park Orchard


The Fermentary

Stones Throw Olives

Beit e’Shai Apothecary and Teahouse

Cooking with Koji

East African Sisters

The Practical Beekeeper


Need to change your subscription or want to add more good food?

No worries! Just head to and sign in – you can update your payment details, your collection location, suspend or cancel your subscription and other cool stuff.

Please make sure you update your details and place new orders by Sunday evening, so you can receive your goodies in the week ahead. If you have any questions send us an email here.


If you’d like to check if we can deliver to your location, email us at


At the Melbourne Food Hub, we believe everybody should have access to good, local, sustainable and fresh produce, no matter what their circumstances. The more change-makers we have in our food system, the better it will be. If you have a concession card and would like a 20% discount on your fruit and veggie parcel, get in touch at You can also volunteer if you prefer giving your time – we’ll say thanks with a fruit and veggie parcel.

To support us building a thriving local food community in Melbourne, you can also become a joint Melbourne Food Hub and Sustain: The Australian Food Network member. By joining up you’ll get an ongoing 5% discount on your fruit and veggie parcel, a 15% discount on urban farm workshops, free access to webinars and contribute 10% of your membership to Pay the Rent. It’s only $60 a year – join here. 


What are we doing during COVID to ensure safety?

Fruit and veggie parcels are packed in hygienic and socially distanced conditions. Gloves and face masks are worn to limit contact between the individual packing the produce and the consumer. We are packing parcels in individual paper bags or boxes, which we are encourage customers to return for reuse. Our bags and boxes are Australian made and compostable. If you choose not to return your bag or box, please reuse or dispose of it properly.

Can I choose what’s in the parcel?

No, and here’s why: we support our farmers directly, which means we buy what they grow. This also means we support eating seasonally. If you have dietary restrictions, of course we will work with you to adapt the box to your lifestyle, but we encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone and into the veggie zone, it tastes great! If you have allergies you can let us know, or if you are a vegan, there’s a parcel just for you!

What’s the difference between a small and large fruit and veggie parcel?

Small: Around 3-4 kg, good for 1 person weekly.

Large: Around 4-5 kg, good for 2 people weekly.

Family: Good for 4 to 5 people weekly, these contain larger quantities of staple items such as potatoes, carrots, and greens.

What do you mean zero waste?

Zero waste means we aren’t packaging out produce unless we have to. At collection points, we use brown paper bags or boxes. They’re recyclable and compostable but we’d prefer to reuse them! BYOB (bring your own bag) and transfer the produce, fold the bag up and let us refill it next week.

What happens to my private information and payment details?

Your contact details will stay safe with us – never to be shared with a third party and only to be accessed if we need to get in touch with you about your order. If you want to stay in the loop, you can sign up to our newsletter or join our Grow / Source / Eat Facebook page.

Your payments are encrypted through Stripe which is a reputed internationally used platform with stringent privacy measures in place. This means we will never be able to see you credit card details, and nobody else will be able to get at them either.

What happens if I forget to collect my produce or can’t make it?

Life is busy! If you forget to pick up your produce once, we will attempt to coordinate a way for you to collect your produce. If nothing works out, produce will be redistributed or donated. If collection is missed twice in one month, we’ll take you off the list until you get in touch. If want to change or pause your subscription follow the instructions under ‘update your account’ – just make sure you get it in before Sunday evening.

What if I don’t want a fruit and veggie parcel, but want stuff from your store?

Unfortunately, we can only offer our makers’ products alongside a box order.



Get restaurant-grade produce at a price that’s fair for you and Victoria’s farmers

Learn more about how your business can sourcing fresh, seasonal produce or become a collection point for your employees and your wider community.