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Melbourne Food Hub – 7 Week Seasonal Fruit and Veg Box Pilot Launch


Building on our Winter Veggie bag success we are back with a seasonal fruit & veg box that we are running as a 7 week subscription pilot which celebrates the relationship between the farmer and you. We have partnered up with Spoke and Spade in Heidelberg West, our farm here in Alphington, Kingfisher Citrus in Narrung and What a Spud in Stanley. All of our farms are wax, fungicide and pesticide free and the spuds are NASAA certified organic.


Sign-up to the pilot by signing up here.


Boxes are $42 per week, with an upfront commitment of $292.

Please bring a bag or box with you so you can take your produce home. We are aiming for zero waste during this pilot.


Investing in a subscription upfront provides a commitment to the farmers and supports them to grow your food and in return you will be provided with the bounty of the crop in the weeks to come. As the produce is seasonal and harvest times will vary according to the weather your box will have some variations from week to week.


This approach has many benefits. By providing an alternative food distribution system the local  farmers have security of income and sales. For you it cultivates a sense of community engagement, you eat what is in season direct from your local area ensuring your bounty is packed full of nutrients, and by limiting the food km’s you reduce your carbon footprint.


Running for 7 weeks from 6th November – 18th December


Your box will be full of the last of winter’s bounty like leafy greens, citrus and potatoes. The box will change as we move into the beginning of the summer growing season. So expect to see summer favourites like zucchini, cucumbers and basil making an appearance over November and December. We will also make available a ‘swap box’ weekly in case you want to swap one item out each week as well as weekly recipe ideas!


Over the 7 week period, you can expect to see a range of produce like?


Beetroot, turnips, kale, rainbow chard, salad mix, cos lettuce, bok choy, leek, coriander, lemons, spring onion, silverbeet, parsley, zucchini, cucumber, basil, radish, potatoes, avocados, oranges, garlic.


There will be some variation week to week as we move through the season and as we wait for other produce to come into harvest. Expect to see some variation, the spice of life!



Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pick my box up from? 

Pick-up is at the Melbourne Food Hub

2 Wingrove St, Alphington, VIC 3078


We are located at 2 Wingrove Street.Our entrance is closest to the corner of Yarana Road and there is a large Melbourne Food Hub sign at the entrance. Enter via the driveway and make your way to the buildings on your left and to the first glass door, there is another Melbourne Food Hub sign here. There will be an MFH staff member ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  


What are the pick-up times again? 

Wednesday 4pm – 6.30pm 

Thursday 9.30am – 11am


What happens if I can’t pick up my box?

Pick-up times have been determined based on the feedback we received during the expression of interest and accommodates almost everyone’s request. If you are unable to pick-up your box during the allotted times, we suggest organising a friend or family member to collect it. If there any left over boxes, the food will be donated to an emergency food relief program. 


What’s in my box?

Please bring a bag or box so you can take produce home with you.

Expect to see items such as: beetroot, turnips, kale, rainbow chard, salad mix, cos lettuce, bok choy, leek, coriander, lemons, spring onion, silverbeet, broad beans parsley, zucchini, cucumber, basil, radish, parsley, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rosemary, mandarins, avocados, grapefruit, oranges and garlic.


There will be some variation week to week on these items as we move through the season and as we wait for other produce to come into harvest. Expect to see some variation, the spice of life!


How does the swap box work?

When you come to pick up your veg box at the Melbourne Food Hub, you will have the option to swap out one item from a mixed box of produce. If you don’t like something, swap it! 


What if I don’t know how to cook something? 

We will be including recipes for different ingredients to assist in cooking produce you might not have experience with. Each week you’ll receive a newsletter containing a rundown of what’s in the box along with recipes and facts about the farmers. 


What do we mean by a pilot?

This pilot is us starting small and want to gather lots of learnings and feedback from you as we move through the 7 week pilot. Your feedback and experience is super important to the ongoing success of a program like this. So we will be asking for feedback via surveys at different points across the 7 week period. MFH thanks you for your cooperation.


What happens from here?

We will close bookings on Monday 4th November at 12pm, so make sure you sign up before then. From there we will send out emails to confirmed participants with further  information including what will be in your box and recipe ideas.

We are looking forward to providing locally sourced, sustainably grown produce and can’t wait to start feeding the community!

Other Food Distribution Business Activities

The Food Distribution Business aims to connect buyers and institutions to fresh, seasonal and local produce that has been grown sustainably. Institutions include daycare centres, schools, aged care facilities and hospitals. So far we have been in an early stage pilot program with Reservoir High School, delivering a weekly veggie box fresh from the Alphington Farmers Markets with produce that is used by the school canteen for healthy, local and fresh lunches.

There is also a 6 week pilot running with Melbourne Farmers Market and University of Melbourne Staff in partnership with Thriving Food Farms and other regular stallholders who attend the weekly Wednesday Uni Melb Farmers Market. This has been hugely successful and will look to expand on the campus and to other instituitions in 2020.