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Building on the success of our limited subscription veggie boxes, we are pleased to launch our 2020 rolling subscription model – that means fresh, local, sustainable and delicious produce every week! We source our produce from our very own Urban Farm, as well as small-scale, regenerative farmers from within Victoria, and offer collection points at workplaces and organisations around Melbourne. 

Want fresh, local and sustainable fruit and veggies every week?

Previous Food Distribution Business Activities

 The Food Distribution Business aims to connect buyers and institutions to fresh, seasonal and local produce that has been grown sustainably. Institutions include daycare centres, schools, aged care facilities and hospitals.

In 2019, we launched multiple pilot projects, supporting small-scale urban and peri-urban farmers, as well as the utilising produce from our own Urban Farm

Our work with Reservoir High School, delivered a weekly veggie box fresh from the Alphington Farmers Market with produce that is used by the school canteen for healthy, local and fresh lunches.

Melbourne Farmers Market and the University of Melbourne Staff in partnership with Thriving Food Farms and other regular stallholders who attend the weekly Wednesday Uni Melb Farmers Market also piloted an on-campus veggie box scheme to great success. 

We also trialled a 7-week, collection subscription model at the Melbourne Food Hub with Spoke and Spade, Kingfisher Citrus, Sugarloaf, and What A Spud.

These projects have been extremely popular and we look forward to expanding them this year.